About Me Patrice Provost

Me Patrice Provost

Me Patrice Provost has been a practicing notary since 1991, and he founded L’Étude légale du Vieux-Aylmer in 1993. During his many years of practice, he has encountered and settled many situations in almost every field of law. His extensive experience as a generalist has been fundamental in resolving a large number of matters pertaining to family, corporate, inheritance and real estate law.

Me Provost practices in an atmosphere where goodwill and understanding are conducive to conflict resolution for his clients. The services he offers are of utmost quality, built on mutual trust established with his large clientele. His clear and concise explanations, extensive legal expertise and ability to simplify complex issues have been elemental in maintaining a loyal client base and serving many generations of satisfied customers.

Me Patrice Provost, notary, retired in 2020 after a nice career of over 25 years. He founded l’Étude légale du Vieux Aylmer in 1993, where he worked all his career. In 2018 he parterned with Me Magalie Nicolau, notary in order to continue l’Étude légale du Vieux Aylmer. Me Nicolau is now the transferee of his files and contracts.


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