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Real estate purchase and sale in Gatineau

Do not let just anyone handle one of the most important investments in your life. Let us advise you and guide you on the legal aspects of your transaction. We are committed to checking everything out to ensure your security:

  • Promise to purchase
  • Examination of real estate deeds
  • Mortgage debt
  • Municipal and school taxes
  • Property titles
  • Registered liens
  • Certificate of location
  • Cadastral plan
  • Compliance with municipal bylaws and provincial laws
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage discharge
  • Easements, encroachments, rights-of-way

Nothing is left to chance, in order to guarantee the protection of your assets. Don’t wait any longer – entrust us with your transaction. You will not be disappointed, guarantee.

Like our other clients, you will want to refer your family and friends to do business with us.

Preparing your estate in Gatineau

The loss of a loved one comes with sadness and mourning. Estate settlement also comes with a set of procedures and steps that often seem insurmountable.

In order to clearly see and understand the steps to be taken by an estate liquidator, the options for the heirs, or simply to be reassured, please contact us. We are here to help you get through these important procedures that can involve major consequences. Make an appointment today.

Make her testament in Gatineau

If you do not have a notarized will, do not wait any longer. Of all the possible situations, making a will before a notary is the least costly and safest solution. Make an appointment to get informed.

Mandate in case of incapacity and
power of attorney in Gatineau

Too many people think that because they live together, are married or are from the same family, they are automatically allowed to attend to the business of a family member and manage their money and their property, and pay their bills. This is not true. Don’t wait any longer; call us now to obtain a mandate in case of incapacity and power of attorney.


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